How to candle an egg
How to candle an egg
July 5, 2019

Want to learn what chick scoring is? Look no feather!

Chick scoring is important for any hatchery, commercial or otherwise, to evaluate the conformity and vitality of their newly hatched chicks to ensure their health and risk of mortality.

In many cases the Pasgar score is the perfect means to objectively examine your chicks.

Each chick starts with a score of 10, and for every deformity or problem found, one point is removed, giving the chick a lower score.

Criteria for downgrading:

Their beaks have a red dot on them, are malformed or have nostrils that are contaminated with albumen.

Their legs have red or swollen hocks, are crooked or have malformed toes.

The navel is not closed, is discoloured or there is albumen on the down.

The Reflex is determined by turning the chick on its back and seeing how long it takes to right itself. Chicks should not need more than 2 seconds to turn from lying on its back.

The yolk sac is too large, or there is no yolk left.

Their eyes are not open or are dull.


At least 30 chicks of the same age and uniformity should be sampled at a type to get an accurate representation of you chick flock.

If you have any further questions on caring for your new flock or what nutrition to provide them with to ensure optimal growth, contact your nearest Technical Advisor.