BROILER CHICKS | Part 3 | Unpacking the different feeds we offer
September 25, 2018
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October 9, 2018

From rearing to laying, your chicks need all the health they can get – we can help!


Epol has specialised ranges of feed for the different needs of layer farmers.

We know that requirements vary according to levels of production and climatic conditions of each area – which is why we focus on formulating feed for maximising on-farm profits.

In order to maximise the cost-effectiveness of our rations, we have developed the ideal protein profile with the correct protein-to-energy ratio.


The feeding and management of pullets during the growing period has a major impact on egg-production and egg-weights during the laying period.

Mistakes made during the growing period can lead to poor production in lay and cannot be corrected during the laying period.

The correct timing of diet changes is necessary to ensure that body weight and uniformity targets are met. Pullets on target body weight at maturity generally become the best producing layers.


Epol layer feeds have been developed to maintain constant nutrient intake and maximise the efficiency of the hens for egg production.

As flocks age, their nutrient requirements change, and it is best to phase-feed these flocks for the duration of the laying cycle.

It is important to note that feed consumption depends on environmental temperature, breed, humidity, the energy level and amino acid profile of the diet.


Take a look at the table below for guidelines to help you feed your REARERS with our products:


Take a look at the table below for guidelines to help you feed your LAYERS with our products:

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*Reworked from our Layer Feed PDF (Available for download here)