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Poultry vaccinations: Here’s what you need to know
March 16, 2020
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Warning signs of infectious diseases in poultry
April 19, 2020

What is biosecurity and why is it important?


Chickens are highly susceptible to picking up diseases and getting sick, which makes it vital for broiler farmers to take the necessary steps to keep their farms and their broiler houses as clean as possible. Here we will be taking a look at why biosecurity is so important on a poultry farm, and what factors put you at risk. 

Biosecurity is a set of steps that farmers can take to lessen the risk of introducing diseases to the animals, and in this case, broiler flocks. This includes storing your broiler feed correctly so that it does not get wet or so that rodents and other birds don’t have access to it, ensuring that people who have not taken the necessary hygiene precautions do not come into contact with the birds, and making sure that the broiler houses themselves are clean and that pests cannot get into the house.

There are a number of different threats that poultry farms face, including

  • Viruses like Newcastle Disease, Gumboro and Avian Influenza
  • Bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli
  • Fungi and moulds
  • Protozoa and parasite like intestinal worms

Some of these diseases are highly contagious and may cause death in your poultry flock if they have not received their vaccinations, others can be prevented through the correct biosecurity measures through correct hygiene practices. 

These diseases can also get onto your poultry farm in more than one way. 

  • The boots, clothing or hands of people 
  • Vehicles and equipment that has been contaminated with the disease in some way 
  • Poultry equipment like feeders, waterers etc
  • Through the flock itself in litter, manure and feathers, or the carcasses of other sick birds

Upkeeping biosecurity is vital to ensuring that your poultry business stays as efficient and profitable as possible. Disease can cost your company money through the death of your birds, decreasing the production of your birds through slower growth rates or a lower quality carcass, financial losses through medication, deaths and culling, or through human infection.

Still unsure about how to introduce biosecurity measures on your poultry farm? One of our technical advisors is available to help! Contact them here.

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