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Epol is leading the field through leading-edge feed and nutrition technology. Epol is scientifically formulated to give horses a perfectly balanced diet. Our in-house nutritionists ensure that our customers benefit from the economical input costs while horses enjoy optimum output performance.

Stringent quality controls using state-of-the-art near-infrared testing are maintained at our on-site laboratories.

Horses have over generations adapted and survived by using their speed and intelligence. Living on rich pastures the horse evolved to eat little and often. With the development of the draught horse, military horse and sport horse, feeding has greatly progressed. Today we require more specific performance from these athletes and we therefore have to provide them with the most adequate nutritional balance.


Equine feeds

Pelleted range

• Breeding
• Leisure
• Racing
• Competition

Muesli Range

• Race
• Stud
• Rider

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