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Wouter de Wet op RSG Landbou

RCL FOODS het onlangs hier aangekondig dat hul besigheid uitgebrei het met die verkryging van Driehoek Voere. Wouter de Wet, uitvoerende bestuurder van RCL FOODS se […]

Lamhokke verhoog speenpersentasie – Dr Vlok Ferreira

Voerkraalpitkos, RCL FOODS, Navorsingsdata – Johan Mouton

  (Johan Mouton, tegniese bestuurder R & D, Ruminants, RCL FOODS)   RCL FOODS se Animal Feeds wat Epol en Molatek bemark streef daarna om nie […]

Development towards the concept of ideal protein nutrition for horses

Brett Roosendaal Technical Executive Animal Feed RCL FOODS, Animal Feed   Introduction The daily protein requirement of the horse is a function of the endogenous nitrogen […]

Soyabean meal use in the South African poultry industry: considerations

Brett Roosendaal Technical Executive Animal Feed RCL FOODS, Animal Feed March 2015   Introduction Soyabean meal is the most important source of dietary protein for […]

The six different roles of zinc in pigs

 The trace element zinc is being used in various ways in pig feed – both as an essential nutrition component but also, at pharmacological levels, to […]

Factors affecting feed intake of chickens

There are many factors which affect feed intake of chickens and hence determine nutrient intake level and efficiency of poultry production. Although the spectrum of these […]

Keeping zinc out by using prefermented rape seed

The medicinal use of zinc oxide can be replaced by adding prefermented rape seed through pig diets, according to the 1st results of a Danish scientific […]

Global feed production again over 1 billion MT

International feed tonnage has exceeded 1 billion metric tons for the second consecutive year, with a total of 1.07 billion metric tons of feed produced in […]

AI impact on the South African feed industry

The importance of poultry feed as the biggest contributor to the total feed volumes produced by AFMA members, as well as the biggest contributor to our […]